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5138hairtherapy is the global leader in physical hair loss treatment. With the guidance of our Medical Doctors, 5138hairtherapy has  successfully developed a series of the products treating hair loss in men & women  whitch  use low level laser, pure oxygen , bio-light, micro-current, ozone water and high frequency current. Recognized as the global leader in hair loss treatment, 5138hairtherapy offers the most advanced, safe, high quality products  to help  men and women of all ethnicities with hair loss.5138hairtherapy's multi-therapeutic solution is designed to be seamlessly integrated into anyone's daily routine. 5138hairtherapy has worked to improve the success and the simplicity of each of the steps and offers a variety of treatment programs. ...

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  • HR-II 氧发工作站

  • Ht 电光动力健发系统

  • Ht625 生物光生发养发仪

  • Ht650 镭射光生发育发仪